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DART Overview for OSHA


FirstReport Online now generates DART reports concerning OSHA.

This article includes a link to download the Department of Labor PDF file:  DIRECTIVE NUMBER 10-02 (CPL 02)

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 19, 2010, SUBJECT: Injury and Illness Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program (RK NEP

It also includes Step-by-Step instructions for generating DART reports and Sample reports at several organization levels


Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) Rate - The DART rate includes cases involving days away from work, restricted work activity, and transfers to another job. It is calculated based on (N/EH) x (200,000) where N is the number of cases involving days away and/or restricted work activity, and/or job transfers; EH is the total number of hours worked by all workers during the calendar year; and 200,000 is the base number of hours worked for 100 full-time equivalent workers.

BLS website discussion Link



  • At the top note "Incidents" "Reports" "Manage"
  • Select "Reports"
  • OSHA
  • Select the Organization Level you want included in the log
  • Next
  • Select the year from the drop-down list. Years in red do not contain incidents and will produce blank reports
  • Select "DART Calculation Report"
  • Select "Report"
  • Select the report file link(s) which is located under the "Last Report Generated" header near the top of the form
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader will provide printing options for you.  

Location Level sample reports:

DART Location Level Detail sample report

DART Location Level Summary sample report

Employer Level sample reports:

DART Employer Level Detail sample report

DART Employer Level Summary sample report

Employer Group Level sample reports:

DART Employer Group Level Detail sample report

DART EmployerGroup Level Summary sample report

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