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Total Hours Worked OSHA Worksheet

Total Hours Worked OSHA Worksheet

Total Hours Worked OSHA Worksheet


Worksheet for Calculating the Total Hours Worked for OSHA

How to figure the "Total Hours Worked"
by all employees:

Include hours worked by salaried, hourly, part-time and seasonal workers, as well as hours worked by other workers subject to day to day supervision by your establishment (e.g., temporary help services workers).

Do not include vacation, sick leave, holidays, or any other non-work time, even if employees were paid for it. If your establishment keeps records of only the hours paid or if you have employees who are not paid by the hour, please estimate the hours that the employees actually worked.

If this number isn't available, you can use the optional worksheet to estimate it.

Note: FirstReport Online is designed to record the manhour information on a monthly basis and sum the monthly information to obtain the yearly total. After you enter the monthly manhour information in the green fields on the Employment Information Form, you can view the calculated total by clicking on the "+" button. When you save the information on the form, the calculated total will be stored in the database for use when the OSHA 300 Summary is printed. If you do not wish to breakout your manhour information on a monthly basis, just enter your yearly total in the December column and leave the other months blank.

Optional Worksheet
Find the number of full-time employees in your establishment for the year.             
Multiply by the number of work hours for a full-time employee in a year. X           
This is the number of full-time hours worked.            
Add the number of overtime hours as well as the hours worked by other employees (part-time, temporary, seasonal) +           
Round the answer to the next highest whole number. Write the rounded number in the blank marked
"Total hours worked by all employees last year."
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